Change is the only constant in health care. Patient satisfaction. Transparency. Quality improvements. Employee culture. The list of challenges is seemingly endless and communications are at the core of all of them.

Those who don’t adapt to meet the demands of this relentlessly evolving environment will not survive.

Advances in communications technology can be harnessed to improve health, but patients will insist that it enhance, not interfere with, their provider relationship.

For two decades, SE2 has helped health care systems, hospitals and other health care organizations deliver on their missions to provide accessible, quality care. Below, you’ll see how we’re helping a host of healthcare clients navigate the rapidly changing industry.


7 Lessons Hospitals Can’t Afford
to Learn the Hard Way

We’ve developed a seven-part series that helps health care communications professionals navigate the ever-changing space. From managing your health care organization’s reputation, to helping patients better understand how insurance affects their bill, we offer communications strategies that position your health care organization for success.

Download each part of the series below:

  • Lesson #1: Step Up Reputation Management – Or Else View
  • Lesson #2: Things Can Always Get Worse View
  • Lesson #3: Nostalgia Meets a New Reality View
  • Lesson #4: Big Changes are a Bitter Medicine View
  • Lesson #5: Insurance vs. Healthcare – Differences for Dummies View
  • Lesson #6: … Coming Soon!
    Posting in March
  • Lesson #7: … Coming Soon!
    Posting in April
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