Behavior Change

Communication strategies to change a target audience’s normal behavior, usually for the betterment of an individual’s health or their community

How behaviors get budged

Most marketing tries to sell products to the public. Social marketing focuses instead on changing the public’s behavior. Examples include reducing tobacco use, helping parents support their children’s development, and preventing teens from using recreational marijuana.

Effective behavior change campaigns begin with a clear understanding of why target audiences act the way they do and how to positively influence their behavior.

Our social marketing campaigns are guided by rigorous research and proven best practices. Measurement is key but, instead of counting products sold, we track lives changed.

While we learn from the past, we continually tap new mediums and create cutting-edge concepts to capture the public’s attention and persuade them to make changes for the better.

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Using Technology to Deliver Targeted Health Messages

Improve health outcomes and your bottom line

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