Shana Mugg


Excel nerd and proud of it

Business has been part of my life since my teens. From earning the business student of the year award in high school to obtaining my master of business administration to working with SE2, there was never a question of what I wanted to do.

I now have navigated 20-plus years in the business world specializing in small business strategy, accounting and operations.

I love numbers and believe they tell a story. I get a weird, special thrill when I create a spreadsheet or chart. Excel is a passion of mine; I even spend some of my free time troubleshooting perplexing Excel problems. I strive to leverage Excel to improve efficiencies so that I can complete tasks in less time.

When I am not thinking about numbers or business solutions, I am reading, playing the piano or hiking/biking. I am addicted to spin class and racking up the miles and calories burnt. I also am passionate about riding my bike outdoors, especially in the fall. The Colorado outdoors refreshes my spirit and feeds my soul. I am blessed to have my soulmate as my husband, three delightful children, and a granddaughter who has stolen my heart!