Eric Anderson

Co-Founder, Senior Strategist

Journalist in recovery finds new communications challenges

I bring to SE2 a recovering journalist’s talent for creating compelling content as well as strategic insight and instincts honed over more than a quarter century in the communications industry.

I began my career a newspaper reporter in Washington, Hong Kong and Denver before co-founding SE2 in 1998.

SE2 feels like a newsroom because it’s full of smart, motivated communicators waist deep in the important issues of the day. I get satisfaction knowing that we’ve played an important and positive role in key events.

An agency like ours is only as good as its people, and I am proud of the role we’ve played in pulling together a diverse team of uniquely talented professionals. We keep things lively and fun, but we also know that clients put tremendous trust in us because their credibility and reputation are so important. We all take that responsibility very seriously.

I’m a board member and the past board chair of Bright by Three, a nonprofit that helps parents ensure that their young children get the best start in life. I have two teenage children who attend Denver Public Schools.

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