Brandon Zelasko

VP of Strategy and Operations

Some people call him Brandopedia

What do North Korea, uncontacted tribes, Europe’s royal families, planetary science and remote islands have in common? Absolutely nothing — except that I know far too much about each of them (and a lot of other random topics, too). What can I say? I’m curious.

My curiosity used to get me in trouble; now it helps our clients succeed. For example, my love of learning explains my passion for research and data, which should always drive campaign strategy.

I also like to explore marketing strategies that companies use to sell more hamburgers or cellphones and adapt them to help our clients move the meter on important issues.

I started my career at a San Diego-based digital marketing agency, where I managed online branding and sales efforts for national organizations. In that role, I helped clients navigate the tumultuous shift from offline to online sales. I also have led digital health initiatives for one of the region’s leading health care providers.

I started as an associate at SE2 and worked my way up through various roles within the agency. I’ve directed some of our most complex projects, including our work for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, LiveWell Colorado and The Colorado Trust.

Today, I lead our creative and content teams and direct many of our campaigns and creative projects.

When I’m not at work or falling down the Wikipedia rabbit hole, I chair the Colorado Youth Matter board.

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