About SE2

To create real change, you have to start at the heart of the matter. But in a complex world, the heart isn’t always easy to find.

That’s where we come in.

We are a collective of creatives, challengers and changemakers who know what it takes to get to the heart of today’s toughest issues. We work at the intersection of policy, perception, behavior and culture to create inventive, real-time solutions with the power to move our world—for good.

From public health and education, to energy and health care—our clients are called to make change happen. And we are called to help them do it.

Let’s move our world together.


Susan Morrisey

Susan Morrisey

President & CEO

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

Co-founder, Senior Strategist

Brandon Zelasko

Brandon Zelasko

VP of Strategy and Operations

What Our Clients Say

SE2 is instrumental in helping us create compelling, impactful content which delivers the “why” and “how” that underlie how Comcast is serving and connecting our communities to what matters most. SE2 works within our vast organization to leverage the various platforms’ capabilities to ensure our influencers receive the information they need.

Leslie Oliver
Director of Communications

There always can be tension around “doing what the client says they want” vs. “doing what the consultant thinks is best.” SE2 managed to thread that needle expertly, giving us their best advice, pushing back if they felt we were missing a key issue, but also letting us do what we felt was right for our organization in the end.

Gerry Langeler
Director of Communications & Research
Vote at Home

SE2 helped Anheuser-Busch highlight our longstanding commitment to Colorado and our significant new initiatives in the state. SE2’s communications support effectively dovetailed with our public affairs activities to tell an impactful story. They are fast to respond and work efficiently, supporting our team to ensure the job is done well.  

Gilbert Canizales
Regional Government Affairs Director