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It’s about the people. So be kind. To others. To yourself. To your ideas.

By Juan Cabrera, SE2’s new director of content and creative
August 1, 2019

I recalled my lifetime professional experience – 18+ years in the marketing and advertising business, from Los Angeles to New York and, for the last 13 years, Colorado – while digging through endless folders on hard drives and virtual clouds. I came across projects that at some point challenged my thinking and creative approach.

Then something clicked and made me think beyond one of those old taglines, layouts, or aha! insights.

I began to recreate the exact moments when I shared a brief, coffee, cold pizza slices, and lack of sleep with my fellow agency family members.

When someone asks to see my portfolio and most recent work, that’s the easy part. However, I wish instead that they’d ask me to share the story behind the idea. Where’d that creative spark come from? Who was I with? Where was I when in happened? Because that personal experience speaks louder than any campaign ever will.

My favorite parts of my career so far are the friendships I have made along the way. It’s about the memories you make, the lives you impact, and the passion you generate as you work with people that share the same vision, values and innate curiosity to do things slightly differently than what’s expected.

I have come to realize that putting people first generates better results. When you do, ideas benefit from these fun, smart, and engaging collaborations and become stronger. When asked what would I bring to the table at SE2, my answer was simple: humanity. In this humanity, we uncover the emotions, stories, empathy towards others, fun and pain that help people connect and relate to our ideas, words and design. After all, what captured my attention the most was SE2’s approach to Moving the Meter on Issues that Matter®. To identify what matters, you begin by connecting with people.

More ideas, less advertising

That’s a personal mantra and belief. The more I worked on a specific category of consumer-facing products, the more I realized that I usually ended up looking for the cause-related idea that could create a different impact, one that would transcend a sale and actually build a connection between a person and the brand.

Perhaps, with a little creative fairy dust, we may get people to think or better yet, take action. As a consequence, we may be changing someone’s life for the better. I find that beyond rewarding.

A new beginning with SE2

For SE2. For me. For us. After years of having the privilege and fantastic opportunity to work and learn from some of the best agencies in the country, serving both the general and the Latino markets, with top brands and the most talented people, I am thrilled to bring the combination of everything I have learned to SE2, which will continue to forge its story while creating work that positively impacts our world.

It’s time to roll up the sleeves and passionately get to work.

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