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Sharing Our Pride

Reflecting on how far we’ve come and looking forward to what lies ahead
June 25, 2019

Whether it’s a friend, family member, neighbor, or colleague, LGBTQ+ rights affect all of us – and we each have a story to tell.

Your story may be deeply painful – like having your family turn its back on you. Or realizing that you could have been an advocate for a LGBTQ+ person in need of help.

It may be a story of loss – like losing a friend who felt they couldn’t live with their secret.

It may be a story of acceptance overcoming shame, or love and pride.

Whatever your story is, it’s important to tell it. These are ours:

While we use Pride Month to honor and celebrate the advances in LGBTQ+ rights, we also know that achieving equity and equality for all people requires constant vigilance and effort. Because if any one of us face discrimination, we all are diminished.

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