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Worn Out by Words? Audio and Other Tech Breathe Fresh Air into Branding

How to speak the language with the expansion of media vocabularies and expectations
January 18, 2019

Since 90 percent of the information received by the brain is visual, it’s no surprise that technology is evolving to work with our brains – instead of forcing our brains to do the work.

While compelling copy and a clever turn of phrase still have a role, animation, video and artificial intelligence design are the mediums through which brands are winning loyalty from customers who have been suffering from information saturation.

Worn out by words, a clean, easy-to-process multimedia message feels like a breath of fresh air.

Communications professionals in 2019 must consider themselves curators and creators of media in all its forms, knowing and harnessing current consumer cravings – and even consumer brain science.

A few mediums that should be on your radar this year:

  • Visual search is becoming commonplace as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are integrated into more products. In fact, the majority of Millennials expect visual search results when browsing sites like Google and Amazon. While Pinterest’s CEO is quoted as saying,  “the future of search will be about pictures.”
  • Audio communication is now an integral part of the customer experience as the world’s library of music, podcasts and other audio content is more robust than ever. From the rusling of a chip bag, to the familiar chime of the store’s front door, brands are taking sounds that customers experience in shopping environments and integrating those cues into audio-focused campaigns. As part of your brand standards, are you thinking about the audio cues and sounds that define your brand for the voice-activated world.  
  • Investment in  virtual reality is expanding to new industries such as education and healthcare. We’ll likely see virtual technology increasingly integrated into college courses  and addiction treatment.

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