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Keeping Up with the Leading Voices in Colorado on Twitter

Access up-to-date lists of Colorado legislators and members of the media
January 17, 2019

In today’s dynamic social media landscape, Twitter remains the best channel to follow and engage with both policymakers and the media.

Despite attempts made by other social media outlets to foray into the world of journalism, Twitter is a trusted newsfeed that shows real-time updates from decision makers and voices that shape culture and policy today. It increasingly is the venue through which news is first broken to the public.

Twitter is the place where we get insight into the headlines as well as the less formal daily thoughts of leaders who might otherwise only share scripted or planned content. It is best-suited for real-time updates and coverage of everything from protests to government  hearings to the latest episode of #TheBachelor. It also allows us to watch and engage with journalists’ reporting as it happens.

We have created up-to-date lists of Colorado legislators and members of the media that anyone can access.

All you have to do is follow these lists from your Twitter account to view a real-time feed of what these groups are sharing individually and collectively. Because we’re taking an open-source approach to sharing these lists, please let us know if you see errors or omissions by emailing Laura@.

Find the lists here:

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