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Instagram Overtakes Snapchat Among Teens

In the race for teen attention, Facebook is lagging behind
October 24, 2018

Big news, world. Instagram has officially passed Snapchat as the most-used social platform by teenagers, according to one survey conducted this fall.

Twitter and Facebook follow as the third and fourth most-used channels by teens, but Snapchat and Instagram have a huge leg up, and teens prefer to receive messages from brands on Instagram over any other platform.

According to the same study, only 28 percent of 15 year olds used Facebook in fall 2018, down from more than 40 percent two years ago. Teens cited Amazon as their favorite website, and they are signing up for Amazon Prime by the thousands.

In other social media news, Facebook is testing a platform they’re calling “Brand Collabs Manager,” which could have a big impact on the world of influencers. After criticism for misleading consumers when it comes to influencer-generated content, the Brand Collabs platform is designed to transparently show influencer/brand partnerships. You can sign up for the platform as a brand, or a creator, and the tool is designed to make it easier for those two parties to find each other.

If the tool proves successful in U.S. testing, we could have a whole new influencer management channel on our hands.

Facebook is trying to recover its cool factor after being schooled by Snap and Insta in the race for teen attention.

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