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Move the Meter: An Appetite for Good News

Latest marketing reports find audiences still have a hunger for content
May 15, 2018

The latest State of Digital Advertising from Adobe Digital Insights provides tips for how to keep advertising relevant in a rapidly changing landscape.

No big surprise here: Millennials and Gen Z see social channel ads as most relevant while older folks (and men, those knuckle draggers) still prefer TV.

The younger generations see these social ads becoming more relevant while TV advertising’s relevance is fading across age groups.

And the move to smaller screens continues: Mobile continues to increase its dominance over desktops and tablets. But, amid all the changes, email remains effective.

Some others insights from our team this month include:

Content Strategist Allison Nipert:

If you don’t have a big advertising budget, we have some good news for you. A recent report found that consumers are twice as likely to remember branded content — a blog post, video or other branded experience — than display ads, like a banner image on a website or those sponsored blurbs on the right side of your Facebook page.

The reason for it?

“Consumers immediately want to know what they can learn from your brand that they can’t glean from anywhere else,” according to The Content Strategist.

Branded content is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd by sharing expertise, and providing a tangible benefit to the viewer/reader.

Owned Media Strategist Laura Bernero:

In a world of fake news, bad news, and everything in between, a group of influencers and creatives have come together to create a media outlet dedicated solely to good news.

The Good Newsletter delivers five curated “good news” stories to your inbox every Tuesday, and the monthly Good Newspaper delivers a tangible periodical for you to peruse with your morning coffee.

The goal of this newsroom of “hopefuls” is to celebrate good news, and equip people to become the good news too. Sign me up.

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