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Work Quirks Differentiate New SE2 Employees

What are yours — or your coworkers’?
September 29, 2017

You learn a lot about people by spending weekdays together in an extremely open office. We’ve now had a chance to learn about SE2’s newest additions — both the remarkable talents they bring to our work and, well, their work quirks, too.

Project Manager Kathleen Ryan always has an array of beverages on her desk. Her days start with homemade cold brew (commercial kinds just won’t do) and she quickly expands to water, kombucha, tea and whatever else will appease the palate. If the glassware supply seems low, check her desk first.

Senior Account Manager Lisa Alcorn keeps multiple pairs of shoes under her desk at all times. You never know when you might have a shoe emergency.

Administrative Assistant Casey Allen is a “food stasher — I always have an emergency supply of food.  An extra bar in my purse, some snacks in my desk, and even some backup tea, just in case the world ends while I’m at work.” (Good to know for those of us who are not as well prepared for the apocalypse — but can’t live without tea.)

Graphic Designer Nate Balfour has earned a reputation for being able to power through work even in the midst of the sometimes raucous activity that surrounds him.  The key may be his methodical manner. “If I have a lot of work to do on a tight schedule, I have to make sure that my desk or work area is clean and strategically laid out before I can create clean and strategically laid out design,” he says.

Owned Media Strategist Laura Bernero still uses a paper planner every day.  Although she’s immersed in all things digital at work, she admits: “I have yet to go fully digital with my calendar.”

Senior Account Manager Lauren Schott stands out for standing up: She prefers to stand at her desk.  “I can’t sit for more than about 30 minutes at a time and am much happier standing all day long,” she says.

What are your work quirks? Better yet, what are the work quirks of your coworkers? (We’re interested in even the most shocking revelations. For example, one SE2 oldtimer cuts bananas in half and leaves the bottom for others.) Send your submissions to Eric@. We’ll publish and award prizes to the best submissions.

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