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Move the Meter: Start Up Your Creative Thinking

Denver rich with new ideas as startup week kicks off
September 25, 2017

The annual  Denver Startup Week draws creatives, leaders, communicators and entrepreneurial spirits from across the region to talk innovation and strategy. SE2 staff will be attending events and joining conversations throughout the week, and we hope you’ll join us.

Here are a couple standout events picked by our staff:

As you settle into the week, pumpkin-flavored coffee in hand, here are some industry tidbits to jumpstart your creative work:

Senior Account Manager Lauren Schott:
Eye contact, a smile, and an encouraging word are ingredients for a good first impression. But this article from takes likeability to a whole new level, inviting us to think proactively about how we present ourselves to others in work and relationships.

Content Strategies Ali Nipert:
It’s not enough for influencers to simply promote a product on their social media pages — now they are getting involved in the creative process and creating products for their brands they’re repping.

CFO Shana Mugg and Hispanic Insights Strategist Alejandra Castaneda:

WhatsApp, with 1 billion users worldwide, is not exactly flying under the radar. But it hasn’t reached its full potential in the United States. That is quickly changing. WhatsApp now plays an important role among tech-savvy U.S. Millennials and Gen Z, according to research reported by The study establishes WhatsApp as a highly competitive outlier in the social media ecosystem,” the article says.

Because it’s already an important lifeline in Latin America (among other parts of the world), Univision recently used it to provide real-time hurricane updates.

“WhatsApp is the closest tool people have in their hands. They trust what they receive from friends and family there, they share, they consume everything, and since all newsrooms are saying we have to be where audiences are, we all thought, we have to be on WhatsApp,” Univision’s manager of local digital news told

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