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Move the Meter: The Growing Social Platform for Content Marketing

Has LinkedIn Found its Niche in Content Sharing?
September 11, 2017

Content marketers may have found their social media sweet spot.

Or at least that’s what Adweek says about LinkedIn.

The professional social media platform, which has struggled in the past to move beyond resume sharing and online networking, is now gaining serious props from marketers thanks to the integration of its content sharing capabilities. Brands and individuals can post long-form articles that can be accessed and shared right in the platform, helping professionals reach and connect with new audiences who appreciate their subject matter expertise.

It’s a platform where thought leaders in policy, health care, nonprofits and beyond can share their expertise and serve as ambassadors for their organizations. Our team has been watching how LinkedIn evolves in the world of influencer marketing.

LinkedIn has long been a go-to for business-to-business messaging, but now it’s opening up as a destination for all marketers looking to reach an executive audience.

If you’re interested in publishing long-form content for your personal brand or organization, this resource from LinkedIn is a good place to start.  And, if you want to learn how content marketing and influencer marketing could augment your marketing strategy, this tip sheet can help.

Here’s more on the power of content and creativity from SE2 staff — plus a story of corporate culture gone astray:

Director of Client Services Kate Julian:
One way to counteract what authors of a new study are calling a “creativity crisis” in the 21st century is to listen to happy, upbeat music. This study shared by Forbes shows a neurological connection between uplifting beats and creative thinking. So if creative thinking is required, pump up the volume. (SE2 plays music throughout our office most days.)

Owned Media Strategist Laura Bernero:
The emerging field of ‘Neuromarketing’ looks at the way that products and ads appeal to consumers. And it turns out that successful marketing really does begin with the basics. Studies have proven that consumers will purchase products based on ads and brand styles that appeal to our senses and emotions.

Editorial Strategist Katharine Brenton:
Clickbait for social justice warriors — that’s how most people familiar with would describe it. But this interesting deep-dive story into employee malaise within the media company tells a story of a corporate culture that contrasts with the progressive tone of its content.

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